Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quality after school programs

Came across a couple articles lately discussing quality after school programs.  I am so glad that I am working for an organization that believes in best practice and is making sure we are adhering to methods that are proven to be effective.

The following articles are great - no mysterious mumbo-jumbo, just very clear steps and elements in quality after school programs:

Ed Week has a great article that spells out the recipe for a successful after school program, I cannot agree more with the points Nora Fleming clearly describes, including the need for parent engagement.

Harvard Family Research Project provide great insight on the elements that bring quality to a middle school specific after school program.

Both are great and worthy reads for anyone interested in the after school world.  I am proud of the elements we are already enforcing in our program, and have already made goals, inspired by these articles, on some next steps for our program.

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