Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Middle School Halloween Party

We treated our middle schoolers to a halloween party yesterday.  The format worked very well.  Initially, we all met community meeting style, where we called on a few brave volunteers to participate in Meet the Pirate.  We then explained the rules for the remainder of the evening - stay within the perimeters of the room, and participate in any of the stations available.  After 40 minutes, we regrouped for the brain eating contest, after which we awarded prizes for winners in the the station activities.

Meet the Pirate 
Students come in blindfolded and are introduced to a pirate.  They shake hands with the pirate's hooked arm, feel the pirates wooden leg, and then when being introduced to the pirate's glass eye, the student's finger is pushed into a tomato, after which the pirate screams...turns out the eye wasn't glass after all.  The kids got a huge kick out of this one.

Then we had 3 kids participate in the brain eating challenge - They had 1 minute to see who could devour the most brain:

Brain Eating Contest
Jello molded to look like a brain, with a little bit of whipped cream led to a lot of cheers and cream smeared faces.  We timed to see who could eat the brain the fastest within 1 minute.

Ghostwriter Pen
Inspired by Family Fun, our students created ghostly pens out of mold magic clay. Detailed instructions can be found here.  We awarded prizes for the most realistic pen and the freakiest pen.

Pumpkin Decorating
With our limited time, we used sharpies as our chief pumpkin decorating tool.  I printed off this page to inspire them.  We awarded prizes for most creative and spookiest pumpkins.

Check out some of the amazing designs the kids came up with:

Skull Toss
Students threw skulls into the cups - each player had 5 skulls to throw in the cups.  Each cup was worth a designated amount of points. Student who scored the highest over the course of the party won a prize.

Skull Hunt Matching Game
Skulls with one of two colors stamped on them were under the cups.  The goal was to run and find the skulls stamped with your teams color.  There were two lines of students and it was played relay style, so each student could look under two cups, and brought to their team the skulls they found that matched their team color, after which the next student would run to find the matching skulls.  First team to find all their skulls won.

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