Friday, November 4, 2011

How to study for a test

The Wall Street Journal recently released an article with study tips that have research proving their effectiveness.  

One of the takeaways for me from the article is the emphasis on overcoming test anxiety through building confidence.  

Some tangible tips from the article:

1. Write down fears and anxieties before the test to free working memory and prevent distractions during the test.

2. To combat self-doubts (such as 'I'm bad in math'), remind yourself of proven personal traits and strengths that can propel you to success.
3. Practice in advance facing all the pressures you will face on exam day, such as driving to the testing center or visiting an unfamiliar testing room.
4. Test yourself by recalling broad concepts rather than trying to memorize facts or re-reading textbooks.
5. Before the test, envision yourself answering questions calmly and with confidence.

Find the rest of the article here.

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