Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Banana Story

It was a typical Thursday afternoon in after school tutoring.  The boys I normally tutor were distracted by a banana they saved from snack earlier.  They were playing with the banana until it was all bruised and began oozing out.  Deciding their obsession with the banana was not worth diverting, I encouraged them to write a story about this banana.

I was amazed at the story one of my students wrote.  With his permission, I'd like to share it with you:

The Banana 
(by a 6th grader)

There once was a banana who was born in a farm.  The banana has 1 brother, 2 sisters and parents.  His parents told him that when you turn 15 years old, humans would eat him.  At first he got sad that he was only going to live 15 years, but when he turned 13 years old he wanted to be eaten already.  

So he snuck his way into the store.  In the store he found his brother and his sisters. He talked and talked with his brother and sisters for about a week.  When they were talking, they asked what he was doing there.

"You are only 13 years old.  You still have 2 years of life." 

"I know, but I want to get eaten already!" He replied.

His brother and sisters said, "We're not going to let you get eaten.  So when the humans come to get bananas, we are going to cover you so no one could take you."

One day the humans came to get bananas, and the brother and sisters did what they said they were going to do: they covered him.  The humans got the three bananas, which were the brother and the two sisters.  

The banana was sad that his brother and sisters left.  

5 minutes past and he saw the same humans that took his brother and sisters.  He heard them say, "lets get another one."

The banana was excited that he was going to see his brother and sisters and that he was going to get taken, so he turned himself red.  

When the humans saw the red banana they got it, but they didn't eat it.  They put it in the museum.  The red banana was so famous he was on TV and newspaper.  The red banana was in the museum for 20 years.  He lived so long that he became rotten and they threw it away.  

So the red banana never got eaten - he got thrown away. 

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