Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Commend?

Throughout the years, in my work, school and life I have seen so many passionate people invest in the lives of children and youth.  A lot of times, their work has gone unacknowledged.  Sometimes it was even criticized.  Of course I do not deny that there are major issues in the American education system, but today, I want to recognize what is working and what is praiseworthy in the ever challenging world of educating, parenting, and raising our future.
Therefore, Commendables exists to recognize the praiseworthy in the world of educating and raising young people.  Teachers, school staff, after school activity leaders, parents, neighbors, and everyone in between play a significant role in the development of youth and my goal is to acknowledge the honorable and effective work that is happening in our community.
I hope you will find yourself inspired and encouraged as you visit my blog.  If there is something commendable you would like featured on this site, please share!
Thank you for visiting!

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